Praktijk Klimop

Levensbegeleiding voor mensen met kanker


Getting diagnosed with cancer is a shocking experience. The world turns upside down.

Many questions arise, such as: what is going to happen? What chances do I have? These questions you can talk over with your physician.

But also different questions surface, like: how and what do I tell the children? How do I live on with this uncertainty? And with the limitations from the illness or the treatments? What should I do about the fatigue? And unfortunately for some: how can I go on with the knowledge that I am dying? How do I want to say my farewells? How can I let go?

Some people may find the answers with family or friends, but some people may find it difficult to talk it over with their loved ones and want to avoid burdening them with the issue.

As a psycho-oncologic coach and counselor as well as being a cancer survivor myself, I can help you sort out the issues and look at them from a different angle. I can support you with coping with the situation. This might be at your home, at my practice, or just while taking a walk along the beach together. Whatever is most convenient to you.

My name is Odile Ebbing-Meijer. I am an educationalist and I completed, among other things, a postmaster psychosocial oncology degree.

For further information 06-50278986.

The practice is also open for partners and relatives.